Legal Landmines for Those in the Real Estate Business – Affiliate Businesses May Be Affected

Did you know… If you have a house to rent with a drainage ditch to the side, and a family with children wants to rent that house, you MUST put in fencing or otherwise mitigate the situation?  You may NOT suggest that this is probably not the best place for a family to live.  You MUST spend the money to fix the issue.   (Contractors may want to specialize in safety issues.)

My husband John attended an Androscoggin Chamber Brown Bag lunch on Thursday regarding issues facing landlords, which was facilitated by two local lawyers.  The above scenario was just one of the many items brought up, which included issues that have recently become case law or precedent setting, such as the ruling by the Maine Human Rights Commission that “If a tenant has a pit bull as a service dog, you MUST allow that tenant to have that dog, even if it means your property insurance is canceled… which it almost certainly will be because most insurance companies refuse to cover pit bulls”.   (Insurance companies may face a backlash because of this.)

Another landlord says her insurance company just notified her they were canceling her insurance – because she has too many Section 8 clients!  WOW!  It’s illegal for landlords not to accept Section 8, but an insurance company can cancel coverage for having “too many of those tenants”???

Scary stuff… If you’re in the landlording, real estate investment or property management business – or businesses that provide products or services to these – you have to stay on top of the issues!

We will do our best to offer trending information and answers, in our eletter, this blog and at our upcoming conferences.

If you have scenarios, questions, ideas and so forth that you’d like to present or write about (we welcome guest bloggers!), please contact me.


P.S.  And of course, here’s information about this fall’s conferences.

The Greater Bangor Real Estate, Housing & Land Use Conference and Trade Show will be at the Cross Insurance Conference Center Ballroom in Bangor on October 31 & November 1st. Exhibitor info here:

Attendee info here: Androscoggin Real Estate, Housing & Land Use Conference will be at the Ramada Inn & Conference Center in Lewiston on November 8th.

Attendee info here:
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And info on advertising in the Show Program can be found here: .Other events in the planning stages:

Greater Portland Real Estate, Housing & Land Use Conference and Trade Show (2 days)
April/May 2014
Aroostook Real Estate, Housing & Land Use Conference (1 day)
May 2014
Eastern Maine Real Estate, Housing & Land Use Conference (1 day)
May 2014
MidCoast Real Estate, Housing & Land Use Conference (1 day)
June 2014
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