Why Should a Real Estate Agent Attend the Maine Real Estate, Housing and Land Use Conferences?

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If you’re in real estate, you know that the myriad of laws governing your business change so frequently it can be hard to stay on top of them all.

And even with all the possible ways of marketing your business – traditional (such as newspaper ads, radio, television, press releases and so forth), social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Digg, Postlets, Trulia, Zillow), and other tools (QR codes, various apps downloaded to your smartphone) – there’s nothing that beats getting out and meeting the people who are also interested in real estate.

Our conferences are designed to meet the educational needs of Maine real estate agents, as well as help to connect you with others in your business who can be good contacts and referral sources… which we hope will help you gain new clients such as the current landlords and potential real estate investors who attend our events.  That’s why we’re developing our conferences to have concurrent tracks for REALTORs, landlords, professionals in the housing business, and land use engineers, as well as opportunities for exhibitors, sponsors and advertisers to meet with you.

We also believe there’s no such thing as too much education.  My master’s degree is in the administration of adult education programs and I’m a major believer in life-long learning.  Even as young as high school age, I was seriously curious about everything around me, and am sort of a nut for learning as much as possible about every possible topic.  In fact, I graduated high school with 29 and a half credits, even though our school (Telstar Regional High School) only required 16 credits at the time!

In real estate, the rules and regulations change so frequently, and the consequences are so severe for an agent who misinforms a client (whether by omission or by lack of knowledge), that agents MUST stay on top of all the latest information.  So although agents only need 10.5 continuing education units per year to maintain their licenses, it really benefits everyone if agents stay on top of all the the changes, updates, and nuances of the various laws… and to do that by taking classes with the professionals who have the most recent information.

We don’t see our conferences as “instead of” the educational classes put on by the local REALTOR boards, but rather as an addition to… more of the kind of good stuff that will help make you the most successful agent you can be.

We want to be a part of your success in your dream job!

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For info on sponsorships, exhibiting or advertising at any of our conferences, call Linda at 207 740 2247 or email LSnyder@regroupbiz.com.

To present a seminar, workshop or activity at any of our conferences, call John at 207 713 0674 or email JSnyder@regroupbiz.com.

For your social media marketing and information in the Conference Program, email Jessamyn at JHopkins@regroupbiz.com.

For the Greater Bangor Real Estate, Housing & Land Use Conference, October 31-November 01:

To Register to Attend:    http://bangorhousingshowattendees.eventbrite.com

To Sponsor or Exhibit:  http://bangorhousingshowexhibitors.eventbrite.com

To Place an Ad in the Conference Program:  http://bangorhousingshowprogram.eventbrite.com

For the Greater Androscoggin Real Estate, Housing & Land Use Conference:

To Register to Attend:    http://androhousingconferenceattendees.eventbrite.com

To Sponsor or Exhibit:  http://androhousingconferencesponsors.eventbrite.com

To Place an Ad in the Conference Program:  http://androhousingconferenceprogram.eventbrite.com

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