Need the Perfect Closing Gift? Something for the Boss, Designated Broker or Family Member?


Sometimes the greatest gift is a gift basket… and The Perfect Basket delivers in more ways than one!

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To order your Christmas or other holiday baskets (the above pictures are representative, but not the only styles), call owner Celeste Yakawonis at 207 713 7111 or email her at

From Celeste’s website (

Welcome To…
The Perfect Basket

…where our name says it all.

For over 10 years, this family owned business has created gifts for personal and corporate giving… you can choose from everyday, holiday, Maine Made or other theme-style baskets. If we don’t already have it, we probably can create a special gift just for you to give.

Whether the order is for one or for one hundred, every gift is designed to ‘Wow’ your recipient – and we will create a design that works within your budget.

The Perfect Basket. Think of us as your personal shopper – giving you the gift of time.

Major credit cards are accepted (VISA, MasterCard and American Express).

The Perfect Basket will ship anywhere in the country. Additional fees apply; please call for more information.


You can find The Perfect Basket on Facebook at

From HuffPost: How to Strengthen Your Sales Funnel Via Trade Shows

Too often businesses will pay good money to exhibit at a conference or trade show, including purchasing expensive backdrops, displays, brochures and other materials – and then neglect to invite their contacts to attend and visit them.   This makes even less sense when the business is presenting a workshop or seminar, when showing off their expertise is exactly the way to nail a potential client.


Participating in a trade show generally requires a significant commitment of your time, money and resources. However, if you plan well, you can supercharge your sales funnel through trade shows.

At Jifflenow, we have powered meeting management solutions for dozens of Fortune 500 companies for the last few years at some of the major trade shows and conferences. We have observed the best practices followed by these companies on winning the mindshare battle at trade shows. This article will share some ideas from what we have learned so far.

A Quick Refresher on AIDA Model

One of the common models to describe a sales funnel is the AIDA model. AIDA an acronym for:

    • Awareness: Get the person to know that you exist.
    • Interest: Raise the person’s interest about your offering.
    • Desire: Convince the person that your offer is what they need.
    • Action: Move them towards taking action to make the purchase.

Working with the Model

Trade Shows provide an amazing opportunity to move your prospects and customers through this sales funnel. Here are some ideas to consider:

1. Raising Awareness:

Participation in a trade show provides a perfect excuse to touch those people in your list (prospects) that you have not touched for a while. A simple email asking whether they plan to be attending the trade show can break the ice and lead to a few more conversations either via email or it might even get upgraded to a phone conversation.

A small percentage of the outreach will result in positive replies and some of them even may be attending the trade show giving you an opportunity to invite them to a meeting that will move them from Awareness to Interest.

2. From Awareness to Interest:

This is where all your investments in building thought leadership will come into full use. Here you are targeting people who are familiar with what you do but have not taken keen interest to take a deeper look. The core strategy here has to be “Education.”

Invite these people to one or more of the following:

    • Breakout sessions about trends in the industry
    • To meet with industry experts on your staff
    • Demonstrations of cool new product offerings


Conversations at these educational sessions can determine which of the prospects might move into the next sales stage.

3. From Interest to Desire:

This is where you are engaging with “real” prospects that have shown interest but have not decided to proceed with one or more of your offerings.

The goal of your salespeople should be to get these “hot” prospects to meet with your star solution architects, product managers and combine them with one or more members of the management team.

The agenda of those meetings has to be to discuss specific projects and opportunities how your offerings can bring a significant value to their present situation.

4. From Desire to Action:

This is where you are engaging with prospects that are in the “last mile” of discussing specific deals with your organization. This is also the “power play section of the trade show activity. You need to bring key management team members to show the commitment to the relationship.

The goal of salespeople is to get the right decision makers from both ends (prospects and your organization) to the table. Not just that, they need to brief the internal team and arm them with all the information

What Next?

Think about the above for the next trade show you are planning to attend. What you have to work with is a superset of all the prospects that you can reach related to the topic of the trade show. Categorize these prospects into various buckets (A.I.D.A) and create a plan of attack to for each category of prospects to move them to the next stage in the sales cycle.

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Aqua-Max Recognized for Leadership

Thumbs Up

Better late than never….

We just learned that Dan Cote, owner of Aqua-Max (an exhibitor at our Androscoggin Landlords Conference last May) received a plaque from the Eastern Water Quality Association (EWQA) in October, and a letter thanking him for his leadership and willingness to assist legislators in Maine with water treatment solutions.

“This enabled residents with access to true solutions for their homes and industry.  The leadership in this effort provides the State of Maine with new water treatment information that has improved the image of the water industry.”

Congratulations and BRAVO!


“Aqua-Max of Maine provides solutions for water purification. We will test and analyze your water for impurities from arsenic to pollutants.”

Want to Learn About Bedbugs or Renters Insurance or Sprinkler Systems – Without Having to Sit Through a Formal Class?

Come talk to our exhibitors for FREE!

The Greater Androscoggin Real Estate, Housing and Land Use Conference is tomorrow – Friday, November 8 – at the Ramada Inn and Conference Center in Lewiston.

Along with the conference, which offers CEUs for real estate agents and land use engineers, as well as workshops for landlords, will be a small vendor fair with some very cool exhibitors.

To get into the conference  – which includes a hot buffet lunch with keynote speaker speaker Jim Bennett, sponsored by Bathfitter, and a presentation by our Designated Non-Profit, John F Murphy Homes, Inc – there’s an $89 fee.

However, we’ve just decided to open the mini vendor fair up to the public – for free – because we want to give our exhibitors the opportunity to talk to as many interested people as we can bring in for them.

So come on over to the Ramada between 9:30-12:00, or 1:15-3:30, and pick the brains of these great businesses. We’ll also give you a copy of the Conference Program to take home with you.  (And of course, if you decide you want to take the workshops, we’ll gladly accommodate you, for that $89 fee – or even a pro-rated portion.)

Bathfitters Logo Our Keynote Speaker Sponsor.  Jeff will be glad to talk to you about your bathroom renovations.

JFM Homes  John F Murphy Homes, Inc is our Designated Non Profit.  They offer comprehensive supports for people with intellectual disabilities.  Leslie would love to tell you about them.

A_H_Logo_Resized A & H Properties’ owner Teague is prepared to tell you about the kinds of things you should inspect for when buying a foreclosed home.

AHI Logo Dan, the owner of Accurate Home Inspections, is also teaching a class for real estate agents (and other interested people) on the HUD 203k loan program… which allows for construction costs to be wrapped in as part of your mortgage.  There are rules, but it’s very do-able.

Advance Fire Protection Services Want to learn more about sprinkler systems, wet or dry?  Dean is ready to tell you what you need to know!

BuggyLogo12  Bedbugs… gaack!!   Dale deals with bedbugs in every manner possible; and there are several ways to do it.  Come pick his brain!

healthy androLead paint is a major issue in Maine buildings and remediation can be very expensive.  However, Dana is ready to offer some less expensive solutions to the problem.

liberty-mutual-insurance-logo-287x73  George can come up with a great price for your insurance needs if you bundle them all together… I know, he gave me a very competitive bid.  Ask him for information!

Maine Housing Search Want another resource for advertising your rentals or finding a quality apartment?  Ask Scott from Maine Housing Search dot org.

Mardens Years ago I bought carpeting from Marden’s for a conference room that was going to see a lot of traffic… man did that rug last!  Talk to Ken; he’ll give you good advice on inexpensive but quality flooring.

MastrogiacomoHow often do you get to pick a lawyer’s brain for free?  Well, you won’t be able to here, either, but Attorney Matthew will be offering a workshop for anyone who signs up for the conference… at $89 for the entire day, including picking his brain, you’ll spend less money than you ordinarily would for half an hour of most attorney’s time.

Michals Insurance LogoMedical marijuana…. marijuana for personal use (in Portland, anyway).  Dangerous dog breeds.  Insurance companies are struggling with these issues and the answers aren’t easy.  Matt will fill you in.

OTS Logo - Rentals & Inspections - Square In the morning, John will be busy teaching his “So You Want to Be a Landlord” class, but after that, he’ll be available to talk about property management, engineering issues, or even two of his passions: fostering dogs through local rescues, and playing keyboards.

Perfect BasketCeleste makes the most beautiful housewarming and other gift baskets in town.  No time to shop? She’ll take care of it for you.

SafeAirBruce teaches our 8 CEU courses for real estate agents and engineers – and keeps people entertained while he’s doing them.  If you’re just stopping by, you may not be able to meet him as he’ll be off in class, but one of his guys will be on hand to answer questions about radon, weatherization, lead paint and asbestos.

US Mortgage  Bob wants to get the word out about Reverse Mortgages as a vehicle for buying 2-4 unit properties as well as single family homes.  Let him tell you about it!

Meet the Businesses that Help to Make Our Conferences Possible!

Bangor Oct 2013 Logos        Andro Nov 2013 Logos

Despite the technology glitches of the past few weeks that prevented thousands of emails from being delivered, both the Greater Bangor Real Estate, Housing & Land Use Conference and the Greater Andro conference are still ON!  And
you can still get 8 CEUs on either Thursday, Oct 31 in Bangor or Friday, Nov 8 in Lewiston.  (Your registration fee also includes coffee breaks and lunch.)

However, you shouldn’t wait much longer to sign up.  Our space at the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor is limited in size, and we won’t be able to handle a lot of unexpected last minute registrations… so hurry and sign up now – by Tuesday, Oct 29 at midnight at the latest!, or call John at 207 713 0674, or me at 207 740 2247.

There’s a little more time to sign up for the Andro conference, but time is running out for that one as well… it’s less than two weeks away!  You can register online at – or of course, you can call John at 207 713 0674 or me at 207 740 2247.

Excitement! On Thursday morning, I was visiting my aunt and uncle in Bangor when I got a call from Clay Gordon, of the Bangor area Channel 7 ABC/Fox network, who wants to interview me sometime next week for his morning show. Cool!  Let’s hope he still has a spot open, since it took me nearly a day and a half to wade through my emails to respond to his written follow up – I’ve offered to be available on Tuesday morning.  (If you’re up thataway, tune in to see how smaht I sound – cross my fingers!)

We have a number of exhibitors who are ready to tell you about their products and services. Check them out, drop your business card in the bucket and maybe you’ll win a door prize!

A & H (Teague Adams) – Andro conference only

Accurate Home Inspections: (Dan Link)
Advanced Fire Protection: (Dean Campbell)
Allen Freeman McDonnell Insurance: (Dale Bartlett) – Bangor conference only
Bathfitter: (Michelle Moore) – Bangor conference only
Greater Bangor Apartment Owners and Managers Association: (Sandra Blackmer) – Bangor conference only
Healthy Androscoggin:  (Dana Leeper) – Andro conference only
Keith Trembley Home Solutions: (Keith Trembley) – Bangor conference only
Lewiston Auburn Landlords Association (Donald Poisson) – Andro Conference only
Maine State Housing Authority: (Joe Locke in Bangor, and Paula Paladino in Andro) and the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program, (staff TBA) 
Mardens: (Ken Clark, with representatives from Shaw Carpentry & MetroFlor Engage )
Michals (Nick Lotfey) – Andro conference only
The Perfect Basket: (Celeste Yakawonis) – Andro conference only
Safe Air, New England: [under construction] (Bruce Hackett)
TP Environmental Consulting & Contracting: (Terry Pierson Curtis) – Bangor conference only
US Mortgage: (Bob Klar)
OHI is the Designated Non-Profit for the Bangor conference – it would be wonderful if you could bring a donation of dry and/or canned goods for their food pantry.  As you know, they are a great organization providing critical services for some of our most vulnerable citizens. Please visit their exhibit and learn more about them!
At lunch time there will be a self-defense demonstration by Maine Traditional Karate ( since having the knowledge to stay safe is important in today’s world.  And we’re hoping to have chair massages available for you, as well!


In Lewiston, John F Murphy Homes, Inc is the Designated Non-Profit… a great organization that has provided excellent services to people with intellectual disabilities for more than 3 decades. 
The lunchtime Keynoter is Jim Bennett, the City Manager for Presque Isle, and former City Administrator for Lewiston… it should be a great discussion!  We’re also hoping for free chair massages for all at this conference, too!

Do you like to write about real estate, housing or land use issues?  Check Out Our Blog, and if you’d like to be a guest writer, please do give us a yell!  We also have an eletter, a group page on LinkedIn (the Maine Real Estate Investors Group), and pages on Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media.
So, there’s lots going on – we hope you’ll join us!
P.S.  Next spring we’ve scheduled a two day conference at Seasons Conference Center in Portland on May 01-02… we have a great keynote speaker (attorney Paul Mills), and some fun events on the horizon!

Linda M. Snyder, M.S.
207 740 2247
Greater Bangor Real Estate, Housing & Land Use Conference
Oct 31-Nov 01, 2013 | Cross Insurance Center
Greater Androscoggin Real Estate, Housing & Land Use Conference
Nov 08, 2013 | Ramada Inn & Conference Center
Greater Portland Real Estate, Housing & Land Use Conference
May 01-02, 2014 |  Seasons Conference Center
Greater Portland Pet Expo – The Business of Animals
June 05-06, 2014 | Seasons Conference Center
Hitch your wagon to a star.  R W Emerson



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