A Home. A Job. A Friend. And A Look at Homelessness from the BDN.

A home.   A job.   A friend.

Around the mid 1980s, a research study of people with serious mental illness found that the three primary goals of their lives were the same three primary goals of everyone else’s lives… A home. A job. A friend.

What those looked like… how they were defined… were a bit different, but the essence was the same.

A home.  We all need a space to call our own, where we can keep our personal possessions, and feel safe – whether it’s a 5,000 square foot waterfront property or just a single room in a boarding home.

A job.  “Job” is defined as purpose.   We all need to feel useful and as though our lives are meaningful.  Purpose varies widely; for some, it’s being a neurosurgeon or a school teacher.  For others… a stay at home parent or a church volunteer.  Purpose is not necessarily based on money, but rather, on being needed.

A friend.  We all need to belong… we need family, friends, a social group, or even a social worker who we can trust.  Or sometimes, for some people, that friend is a companion animal – a cat or dog that loves us no matter what.

It’s really that simple.  A home.  A job. A friend.

Almost 20 years ago I worked as the Housing Developer/Rental Subsidy Administrator for a mental health agency; prior to that I was the Community Support Supervisor for that same mental agency.  Addressing homelessness was a big part of both jobs.

The Bangor Daily News has just published a stark and overwhelmingly touching report that offers a glimpse of what it’s like to be without a space to call one’s own, and how it eats at one’s being.  You can review it here.


You Can Help: 

Each of our Real Estate, Housing and Land Use Conferences has a Designated Non-Profit, which works to address issues of food, clothing and/or shelter among Maine’s most vulnerable citizens.


The Designated Non-Profit for the Greater Bangor conference being held on Oct 31-Nov 01, 2013 is OHI, a social services agency that helps provide those with disabilities with the resources they need to achieve their goals.  Housing is a major focus.  You can learn more about OHI at www.ohimaine.org.

JFM Homes

The Designated Non-Profit for the Greater Androscoggin conference being held on Nov 08, 2013 is John F Murphy Homes, Inc, which for 35 years has helped people with developmental disabilities find a place to call home.   Visit the JFM website at https://www.jfmhomes.org.

We hope you will learn more about these two great organizations, and help support their goals, their missions and their values.


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