How To Deter Deer from Your Back Yard


How To Deter Deer.

The link above is to the article written by Patty Vaughan.  November 13, 2013.   Posted in

We love deer and would happily have them hanging out around our house if it weren’t such a bad idea – and in fact, until a few years ago, we’d occasionally see deer in our wooded back yard, even though we’re pretty much smack dab in the middle of town.  (Since adding two more dogs to the family, there have been no deer; we’re not certain if it’s coincidence or because of the additional dog smells.)

But of course, wild animals and people just don’t mix.  Our house was built in 1979 in a development that has protected woods behind it – no one can ever build back there.  Which is great for us, and great for the animals whose habitat was encroached on nearly 35 years ago… but not so great when the people and the martins, foxes, porcupines and deer get in each others’ faces.

I’m not sure how do-able the tips in the attached blog are for most people, but if deer are getting into your ornamental shrubs and it’s bothersome to you, these might be an option.


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