Jefferson Street, Lewiston – A Few More Photos

Yesterday I posted a Property Profile for a fabulous 2,400 sf first floor apartment in Lewiston.

Here are a few more pictures of this wonderful apartment!


OTS Jefferson Street Lewiston

For full info on the apartment, click on the Property Profile above.

Medical Marijuana Caregivers Meeting – Augusta

The following meeting may be of interest to landlords concerned about medical marijuana use in their rentals. This is not intended as a forum for landlords or about rentals; I’m just posting it as a possible avenue to learn more about the topic.

MMCM Latest News

Events – Fall – Winter 2013

Upcoming Events


Medical Marijuana Caregivers of Maine will hold a free informational meeting and networking session for patients, caregivers and members of the public in Augusta on December 11th.

Learn more about Maine’s medical marijuana law, who is being helped by it,  what changes are expected, and how to get involved in helping people in need.

MMCM is participating in a fooddrive for medical marijuana patients in Maine, and will be collecting non-perishable goods at this event. All people who donate items will receive a free pin of their choice.
Time: 6 to 8 pm
Date: Wednesday December 11th
Location: St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, 9 Summer Street, Augusta.

If Any of Your Landlord Clients Are Giving You That Uneasy Feeling….

… there may be a good reason.  The scenario below describes a situation my husband was recently involved with.
OTS Logo - Rentals & Inspections - Square

Dear Accountant, Lawyer, Banker, Mortgage Professional…

I hope you’ll take time to scan the scenario below that my husband, John Snyder, was involved in, as the court appointed property manager.  Had he been brought in years – or even months – before he actually was, the whole thing might have turned out differently.As an accountant (lawyer, banker, mortgage professional), you likely have one or two clients who give you that uneasy feeling, especially if there’s a divorce or partnership breakdown involved.Bringing in a professional like John could save a lot of heartache and financial problems.

Linda Snyder
Back Office Operations
On the Spot Property Management & Building Inspections
207 740 2247

The Situation:

In October 2011, On the Spot Property Management was appointed by the Court to manage a boarding home complex of several dozen units.  It was a divorce case that had dragged on for years, with the judge eventually realizing that the spouse who had been managing the real estate couldn’t account for either the income or the expenses of the buildings, which were joint marital property.

That spouse also insisted that the buildings had been barely breaking even for years, and that the significant credit card bills and “shareholder loans” totaling nearly $40,000 attached to the LLC were the only way to keep those buildings running.

The Court appointment was supposed to be for just three months, but the case continued for more than a year beyond that, until spring of this year.

During that year and a half, On the Spot Property Management was reimbursed for 10% of the collected rents, as well as $45 per hour for such tasks as handling bed bug issues, water and furnace failures, lockouts, public safety calls, evictions, and so forth.  On the Spot’s monthly fee varied from around $1,100 per month to over $2,000 at times, averaging about $1,500 monthly.

Yet even with the additional expense of On the Spot’s fees, the buildings were still breaking even during those 18 months, even with the initial problems of little money in reserve, bills that had gone unpaid, and a heating season having just started…. and even though the managing spouse insisted that the properties were losing money (although he had no records to prove his contentions).

The managing spouse didn’t even provide receipts to his tenants for rents paid nor did he keep other income records, so it was impossible to determine how much money had in fact been collected over the previous decade.

Over the next 18 months, On the Spot Property Management found that the entire infrastructure of the three buildings was shot.  The furnaces had been illegally patched, the plumbing and wiring didn’t meet code, and other neglected issues continued to rear their ugly little heads.

Eventually it was determined that the mechanical systems of one building were in such disrepair that they would cost at least $25,000 to fix – and there was no money to do so.  The building had to be closed, and the tenants relocated.

So where had the money gone?

Of course, everyone involved knew, but by the time On the Spot was appointed to manage the properties, it was too late.  The money was gone, the needed repairs had not been made, and the properties were deep in debt.  What was supposed to have been the children’s college fund was now less than worthless.

Had On the Spot Property Management gotten involved years before, the buildings almost certainly would have been salvaged, credit ratings wouldn’t be in the toilet, and there would have been savings for the kids.

If you suspect that a landlord client of yours is losing money in a way that doesn’t quite make sense, please give John Snyder of On the Spot Property Management a call at 207 712 0674.  He will be glad to speak with you (and your client), and help determine if something is amiss.

Surely it’s worth it to find out now, rather than wait and hope… and have your client lose the buildings entirely, as happened in this instance. 


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R vs D – Where Do Landlords Stand?

Republican Democrat Symbols

They say all politics is local.

The last election in Lewiston (ME) was closely watched by members of the local landlords association as a former Mayor (Larry Gilbert) challenged the sitting Mayor (Bob Macdonald) for his post.

In previous years, there hadn’t been much apparent interest by area landlords in the Mayor’s race since the position doesn’t really have any power… it’s pretty much a figurehead job, with the ability to break ties when necessary on City Council votes, and little else.

This year, however, the issue of small landlords being pushed out of business by non-profit housing agencies that appear to get preferential treatment – including huge tax breaks and incentives – became a lightning rod just before the election.

Former Mayor Gilbert is very much a proponent of the subsidized housing programs that renovate existing buildings for upwards of $150,000 a unit; the current Mayor (Macdonald) had repeatedly gone on record as supporting the private landlords who struggle to make ends meet in an economy where the HUD (Housing & Urban Development) Fair Market Rent for a two bedroom apartment dropped nearly $100 a month locally – not that the rental subsidy programs were paying Fair Market Rent, anyway.

Macdonald, a conservative Republican with a penchant for very “rough around the edges” speech that evokes among some the same shudders that Maine’s uber conservative Republican governor has engendered, soundly whupped his liberal Democratic challenger Gilbert.  (Gilbert is a lot more polished, but isn’t immune to foot in mouth disease.)

Did Macdonald win the landlord vote, and thereby the election?  I don’t know.  What do you think?

We’re curious… have you voted in local elections based on the “landlord-friendliness factor”?  Take our poll!


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Want to Learn About Bedbugs or Renters Insurance or Sprinkler Systems – Without Having to Sit Through a Formal Class?

Come talk to our exhibitors for FREE!

The Greater Androscoggin Real Estate, Housing and Land Use Conference is tomorrow – Friday, November 8 – at the Ramada Inn and Conference Center in Lewiston.

Along with the conference, which offers CEUs for real estate agents and land use engineers, as well as workshops for landlords, will be a small vendor fair with some very cool exhibitors.

To get into the conference  – which includes a hot buffet lunch with keynote speaker speaker Jim Bennett, sponsored by Bathfitter, and a presentation by our Designated Non-Profit, John F Murphy Homes, Inc – there’s an $89 fee.

However, we’ve just decided to open the mini vendor fair up to the public – for free – because we want to give our exhibitors the opportunity to talk to as many interested people as we can bring in for them.

So come on over to the Ramada between 9:30-12:00, or 1:15-3:30, and pick the brains of these great businesses. We’ll also give you a copy of the Conference Program to take home with you.  (And of course, if you decide you want to take the workshops, we’ll gladly accommodate you, for that $89 fee – or even a pro-rated portion.)

Bathfitters Logo Our Keynote Speaker Sponsor.  Jeff will be glad to talk to you about your bathroom renovations.

JFM Homes  John F Murphy Homes, Inc is our Designated Non Profit.  They offer comprehensive supports for people with intellectual disabilities.  Leslie would love to tell you about them.

A_H_Logo_Resized A & H Properties’ owner Teague is prepared to tell you about the kinds of things you should inspect for when buying a foreclosed home.

AHI Logo Dan, the owner of Accurate Home Inspections, is also teaching a class for real estate agents (and other interested people) on the HUD 203k loan program… which allows for construction costs to be wrapped in as part of your mortgage.  There are rules, but it’s very do-able.

Advance Fire Protection Services Want to learn more about sprinkler systems, wet or dry?  Dean is ready to tell you what you need to know!

BuggyLogo12  Bedbugs… gaack!!   Dale deals with bedbugs in every manner possible; and there are several ways to do it.  Come pick his brain!

healthy androLead paint is a major issue in Maine buildings and remediation can be very expensive.  However, Dana is ready to offer some less expensive solutions to the problem.

liberty-mutual-insurance-logo-287x73  George can come up with a great price for your insurance needs if you bundle them all together… I know, he gave me a very competitive bid.  Ask him for information!

Maine Housing Search Want another resource for advertising your rentals or finding a quality apartment?  Ask Scott from Maine Housing Search dot org.

Mardens Years ago I bought carpeting from Marden’s for a conference room that was going to see a lot of traffic… man did that rug last!  Talk to Ken; he’ll give you good advice on inexpensive but quality flooring.

MastrogiacomoHow often do you get to pick a lawyer’s brain for free?  Well, you won’t be able to here, either, but Attorney Matthew will be offering a workshop for anyone who signs up for the conference… at $89 for the entire day, including picking his brain, you’ll spend less money than you ordinarily would for half an hour of most attorney’s time.

Michals Insurance LogoMedical marijuana…. marijuana for personal use (in Portland, anyway).  Dangerous dog breeds.  Insurance companies are struggling with these issues and the answers aren’t easy.  Matt will fill you in.

OTS Logo - Rentals & Inspections - Square In the morning, John will be busy teaching his “So You Want to Be a Landlord” class, but after that, he’ll be available to talk about property management, engineering issues, or even two of his passions: fostering dogs through local rescues, and playing keyboards.

Perfect BasketCeleste makes the most beautiful housewarming and other gift baskets in town.  No time to shop? She’ll take care of it for you.

SafeAirBruce teaches our 8 CEU courses for real estate agents and engineers – and keeps people entertained while he’s doing them.  If you’re just stopping by, you may not be able to meet him as he’ll be off in class, but one of his guys will be on hand to answer questions about radon, weatherization, lead paint and asbestos.

US Mortgage  Bob wants to get the word out about Reverse Mortgages as a vehicle for buying 2-4 unit properties as well as single family homes.  Let him tell you about it!

Lewiston-Auburn Landlords Association Candidates Night Meeting

COURTESY POST from the Lewiston Auburn Landlords Association.
Our landlord meeting on Tuesday, October 29 will be at C&J Hall on Webster Street in Lewiston, from 7:00-8:30 pm we will be having a question and answer session for the local mayoral and city council candidates from Lewiston.
Among the speakers who have agreed to attend are the following:
Laurent F. Glibert Sr
Robert E Macdonald
Ward 1-John Butler and Leslie Dubois
Ward 2-Donald A D’Auteuil
Ward 3- Nathan L Libby
Ward 4- Doreen Christ and Darcy Reed
Ward 5- Kristen Cloutier and Richard white
Ward 6- Mark Cayer
Ward 7- Michael Lachance
We have scheduled questions to ask the candidates; as we have such a large number of people attending we will need to keep questions very short.  Thank you and hope to see you all there.,
Candis Henson

LALA Secretary



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Bills Submitted by Legislators for the Maine Legislature’s Next Session

126th Maine Legislature, Second Regular Session
Requests By Sponsor (Legislator)
The following are the titles of bills that legislators have submitted to be considered during the next legislative session. The texts of the bills are not yet available, only the titles listed below.
I’ve separated the following bills into groups of approximately 10 each, for easier visual scanning. 
Those that may be of interest to landlords are bolded and highlighted in red.
LR: 2346 An Act To Clarify the Implementation of the Sales Tax Imposed on Newspapers and Periodicals
LR: 2338 An Act To Increase Reimbursement for Quality Child Care
LR: 2238 An Act To Encourage Informed Choices in Planning for Higher Education and Future Careers
LR: 2385 An Act To Improve Health Care and Disease Prevention Efforts in the Fund for a Healthy Maine
Sponsor: Representative Berry, S
LR: 2315 An Act To Amend Maine’s Mandated Reporting of Abuse Laws
Sponsor: Representative Bennett, P
LR: 2367 An Act To Allow Pharmacists To Dispense Sterile and Nonsterile Compounds
LR: 2266 An Act To Amend the Freedom of Access Law
LR: 2366 An Act Concerning Disclosure Requirements by Pharmacy Benefits Managers
LR: 2485 An Act To Amend the Insurance Laws Regarding Pilot Projects
Sponsor: Representative Beck, H
LR: 2490 An Act To Encourage and Protect Innovation in Fisheries, Aquaculture and Seafood Processing
Sponsor: Representative Beavers, R
LR: 2461 An Act To Ensure That Meritorious Freedom of Access Act Requests Receive Appropriate
LR: 2416 An Act To Change the Terms of the County Commissioners for Androscoggin County
LR: 2645 An Act To Establish a Gold Star Mother License Plate
Sponsor: Representative Beaulieu, M
LR: 2285 An Act To Prohibit the Use of a Handheld Cellular Telephone while Operating a Motor Vehicle
LR: 2284 An Act To Require a Person Operating a Motorcycle To Wear Protective Headgear and Eye
LR: 2286 RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Provide the Indian
Representatives a Vote in the Maine Legislature
Sponsor: Representative Beaudoin, P
LR: 2267 An Act To Prohibit the Sale of Radiation-poisoned Seafood to Maine’s Tribal Members
Sponsor: Representative Bear, H
LR: 2650 An Act To Amend the Maine Wind Energy Act
LR: 2483 An Act To Amend the Laws Regarding Special Food and Beverage Taste-testing Event
LR: 2669 An Act To Permit the Sharing of Liquor License Revenue
LR: 2246 An Act To Promote Higher Education
LR: 2670 An Act To Create a Public-private Partnership To End Food Insecurity in the State
Sponsor: President Alfond, J126th Maine Legislature, Second Regular Session
LR: 2575 An Act To Allow a Producer or Wholesaler of Alcohol To Donate Alcohol to a Nonprofit
LR: 2249 An Act To Reinstate Legislative Approval for Local Property Tax Assistance Programs
Sponsor: Representative Carey, M
LR: 2494 An Act To Increase Safety for Victims of Domestic Violence
LR: 2493 An Act To Amend the Requirements for Licensure for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses
LR: 2596 An Act To Improve the Disability Benefits Process under the Maine Public Employees
Retirement System
Sponsor: Senator Cain, E
LR: 2578 An Act To Maintain the Togue Stocking Program in Millimagassett Lake
LR: 2648 An Act To Allow Retired Department of Marine Resources Patrol Officers To Qualify for Any 2
Marine Fisheries Licenses under Moratorium or Limited Entry
LR: 2660 An Act To Enhance Maine’s Stalking Law To Include Illegal Stalking of Groups or Members of
an Organization
LR: 2666 An Act To Exempt Fuel Used in Off-road Commercial and Construction Equipment from Fuel
Sponsor: Senator Burns, D
LR: 2440 Resolve, To Authorize a Pilot Project Designed To Ensure the Preservation and Accessibility of
Oral Testimony Presented at Legislative Public Hearings
LR: 2360 An Act To Provide Mental Health Services in Appropriate Mental Health Settings
LR: 2695 An Act To Repeal Portions of Public Law 2013, Chapter 434
Sponsor: Representative Brooks, J
LR: 2569 Resolve, To Require State Government To Work in Concert To Further Maine’s Plan To End
and Prevent Homelessness
Sponsor: Representative Briggs, S
LR: 2439 An Act To Amend the Law Concerning the Designation of Pine Tree Development Zones
LR: 2434 An Act To Protect Atlantic Salmon and Brook Trout Spawning Habitat from Motorized
Recreational Gold Prospecting
LR: 2617 An Act To Encourage Charitable Contributions to Nonprofits
LR: 2640 An Act To Amend the Uniform Deceptive Trade Practices Act
Sponsor: Senator Boyle, J
LR: 2671 An Act To Facilitate Equitable Rebates for Improvements in the Reliability of Electric Power
Sponsor: Representative Boland, A
LR: 2389 An Act To Support Maine Foster Children beyond the Age of 18
Sponsor: Representative Berry, S126th Maine Legislature, Second Regular Session
LR: 2237 An Act To Allow Local Health Inspectors To Inspect Restaurants and Other Licensed
Sponsor: Representative Cooper, J
LR: 2624 An Act To Raise the Cap on Rate Impact for Offshore Wind Energy
LR: 2623 An Act To Assist Electric Utility Ratepayers
LR: 2627 An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Fund the Safe Drinking Water Revolving
Loan Fund
LR: 2507 An Act To Improve the Funding Mechanism for Charter Schools
LR: 2685 Resolve, Directing the Maine Turnpike Authority To Provide Directional Information for Poland
at Exit 63
Sponsor: Senator Cleveland, J
LR: 2343 An Act To Ensure Fair Distribution of Funds within the Education Funding Formula
LR: 2341 An Act To Promote Religious Freedom
LR: 2571 An Act To Allow the Placement of Cameras and Electronic Surveillance Equipment on Private
Property without Written Permission of the Landowner
Sponsor: Representative Clark, T
LR: 2517 An Act To Allow Active Members of the Military Service To File an Intent to Marry in Any
LR: 2476 Resolve, Directing the Department of Transportation To Place Signs on Interstate 95 Directing
Motorists to Thornton Academy
LR: 2573 An Act To Reinstate Municipal Authority for Local Property Tax Assistance Programs
Sponsor: Representative Chenette, J
LR: 2629 An Act To Restrict Direct Repair Programs between Auto Insurance Companies and Auto Body
Repair Businesses
LR: 2388 An Act To Reinstate Municipal Authority To Provide Property Tax Assistance
Sponsor: Representative Chase, K
LR: 2353 An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Develop Maine’s Lobster Processing
LR: 2459 An Act To Preserve Maine’s Long-term Care Facilities
LR: 2316 An Act To Designate the Lobster Roll the State Sandwich
Sponsor: Representative Cassidy, K
LR: 2399 An Act To Provide Property Tax Relief for Residents Who Are Senior Citizens
LR: 2659 An Act To Provide Property Tax Relief To Persons over 70 Years of Age
Sponsor: Representative Casavant, A
LR: 2684 An Act To Prevent Overdoses in Maine
Sponsor: Representative Carey, M126th Maine Legislature, Second Regular Session
LR: 2527 An Act To Change the Name and Classification of New Meadows Lake
LR: 2457 An Act To Ensure Fairness in the Application of the Workers’ Compensation and
Unemployment Compensation Laws
Sponsor: Representative DeChant, J
LR: 2358 An Act To Amend the Exemptions for the Use of Safety Belts
LR: 2244 An Act Regarding the County Commissioner Districts for Piscataquis County
Sponsor: Representative Davis, Sr., P
LR: 2274 An Act To Assist Victims of Domestic Violence
LR: 2273 An Act To Protect Maine Businesses from Illegitimate Patent Assertions
LR: 2482 An Act To Recognize Agricultural Work in Maine High Schools
LR: 2566 An Act To Increase the Affordability of Higher Education
Sponsor: Representative Daughtry, M
LR: 2469 An Act To Allow the Use of Slingshots in Small Game Hunting
LR: 2464 An Act To Conform Licensing Requirements for Real Estate Appraisers with Federal Law
Sponsor: Senator Cushing, A
LR: 2504 An Act Regarding the Tax Treatment of a Change in the Title of a Motor Vehicle Involving
Spouses When One Spouse Is on a Military Deployment
Sponsor: Representative Crockett, J
LR: 2656 An Act To Amend the Law Regarding the Use of Flotation Tires by Farmers
LR: 2344 An Act Regarding the Formation of Resident-owned Communities and Trailer Park
Sponsor: Representative Cray, D
LR: 2404 An Act To Support Homeless Shelters
LR: 2668 An Act To Clarify the Provisions of a Historic Preservation Tax Credit
Sponsor: Senator Craven, M
LR: 2317 Resolve, To Initiate the Procedures To Request the Federal Joint Committee on the Library of
Congress To Replace a Statue in the National Statuary Hall Collection
Sponsor: Representative Crafts, D
LR: 2299 An Act To Allow a Municipality To Assess the Value of Real Property as of the Date of the
Destruction of That Real Property
LR: 2567 An Act To Require a Prescription for Any Medication Containing Pseudoephedrine
LR: 2538 An Act To Promote the Safe Sale and Use of Firearms
Sponsor: Representative Cooper, J126th Maine Legislature, Second Regular Session
LR: 2591 An Act To Increase Penalties for Operating without Insurance
LR: 2593 An Act To Provide Property Tax Relief to Seniors Residing in Maine
LR: 2563 An Act To Increase Property Tax Relief for Maine Residents
Sponsor: Senator Dutremble, D
LR: 2419 An Act To Protect Children in Home Day Care
Sponsor: Representative Duprey, B
LR: 2437 An Act To Amend the Standard Water District Enabling Act
LR: 2473 An Act To Amend the Charter of the Anson and Madison Water District
Sponsor: Representative Dunphy, L
LR: 2534 An Act To Improve Access to Behavioral Health Services and Increase Public Safety
LR: 2682 An Act To Assist Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Recipients
Sponsor: Representative Dorney, A
LR: 2259 An Act To Exempt Certain Disabled Veterans from the State Income Tax
LR: 2261 An Act To Repeal the Lodging Tax on Assisted Living Facilities for Maine’s Elderly
LR: 2260 An Act To Exempt from Excise Tax Vehicles Owned by Disabled Veterans
Sponsor: Representative Doak, P
LR: 2272 An Act To Establish the Office of the Inspector General in the Department of Health and Human
LR: 2235 An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Encourage a Strong Job Market by
Promoting Affordable Electricity
LR: 2391 Resolve, To Ensure the Continued Effectiveness of Maine’s Drug Courts
Sponsor: Representative Dion, M
LR: 2598 Resolve, To Require the Review of Laws and Rules Governing Cosmetology-related Licenses
LR: 2599 An Act To Ensure Student Safety and Privacy and To Protect Student Identity
Sponsor: Representative Dickerson, E
LR: 2511 Resolve, Establishing a Commission To Study the Effects of Ocean Acidification and Its
Potential Impacts on Commercial Shellfish Harvested and Grown along the Maine Coast
LR: 2421 An Act To Require Notification of the Fluoridation of Public Water Supplies
LR: 2253 An Act To Standardize Laws Governing Presentation to Students Regarding Career Choices
and Options
LR: 2589 Resolve, Directing the Department of Health and Human Services To Educate the Public and
Its Program Participants about Bisphenol A
LR: 2587 An Act To Permit Wet Storage Sites for Cultured Marine Organisms
Sponsor: Representative Devin, M126th Maine Legislature, Second Regular Session
LR: 2324 An Act To Enhance the Sustainability of the Corinna Water District
LR: 2325 An Act To Help Recipients of Welfare Benefits To Transfer from Welfare to Work
LR: 2262 An Act To Amend the Sales Tax Increase for 2014 and 2015
LR: 2319 An Act To Create the Newport Natural Gas District
LR: 2406 Resolve, To Establish the Task Force on Independence from Welfare Dependency
Sponsor: Representative Fredette, K
LR: 2407 An Act To Extend the Veterans’ Property Tax Exemption to Veterans Who Served in Iraq or
LR: 2531 An Act To Provide Funding for the Veterans Treatment Courts
LR: 2321 An Act To Allow Fishing Closer to the Fish Ladder on Webber Pond in Vassalboro
Sponsor: Representative Fowle, L
LR: 2484 Resolve, To Study the Ability of Dispatchers To Transfer E-9-1-1 Calls to Emergency
Responders in Another State
Sponsor: Senator Flood, P
LR: 2502 An Act To Consolidate and Simplify Licensing and Program Requirements for Center-based
Early Childhood Services for Children with Special Needs
LR: 2503 An Act To Ensure That All Maine Children Are Protected from Abuse
LR: 2359 Resolve, Directing the Department of Health and Human Services To Develop Alternative
Options for Transportation of MaineCare Recipients
LR: 2501 An Act To Promote and Sustain Home Care Services for Seniors Offered by the County
Extension Services
LR: 2607 An Act To Preserve Access to Nursing Home Care by Correcting Chronic Shortfalls in
MaineCare Reimbursement
LR: 2513 An Act To Fully Fund the Priority 1 and 2 Waiting List for Individuals with Intellectual and
Developmental Disabilities
LR: 2512 An Act To Improve Hospital-based Acute Behavior Health Treatment
Sponsor: Representative Farnsworth, R
LR: 2357 An Act To Expand Federally Funded Health Care to Veterans and Low-income Citizens of the
LR: 2257 An Act To Promote National Security and Workforce Development
LR: 2417 An Act To Improve Care for Maine’s Senior Citizens through a General Fund Bond Issue To
Repair Long-term Facilities
LR: 2258 An Act To Provide Property Tax Relief to Maine Residents
LR: 2564 An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Support Technology Infrastructure and
Grow the Maine Economy in Existing and Emerging Industries
Sponsor: Speaker Eves, M
LR: 2296 An Act To Provide Priority Funding for State-municipal Revenue Sharing
Sponsor: Representative Evangelos, J126th Maine Legislature, Second Regular Session
LR: 2418 An Act To Prevent the Misuse of E-9-1-1 Services
LR: 2277 An Act To Improve Accountability of State Agencies
Sponsor: Representative Graham, A
LR: 2380 An Act To Establish the Maine School of Marine Science, Technology, Transportation and
Sponsor: Representative Gillway, J
LR: 2687 An Act To Require a Company To Disclose the Amount of and Reason for a Settlement
Entered into with an Individual
Sponsor: Representative Gifford, J
LR: 2613 An Act To Increase Safety for Children by Requiring the Labeling of Inhalers
LR: 2626 An Act To Address Preventable Deaths from Drug Overdose
LR: 2609 An Act To Update Parts of the Maine Uniform Building and Energy Code
Sponsor: Representative Gideon, S
LR: 2506 An Act Regarding the Involuntary Medication of an Inmate at a Correctional Facility
LR: 2302 An Act To Provide Enforcement Authority to the State Board of Corrections
LR: 2562 An Act To Create a Therapeutic Mental Health Unit at a County Jail Located within 40 Miles of
the City of Augusta
LR: 2454 An Act To Create a Therapeutic Mental Health Unit at Two Bridges County Jail
LR: 2592 An Act To Increase Legal Protection for Public Safety Personnel
Sponsor: Senator Gerzofsky, S
LR: 2588 An Act To Clarify Provisions of the Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Act
LR: 2582 An Act To Create Greater Cost Efficiency and Promote Better Health Outcomes by Integrating
Improved Access to Dental Care for Adults in MaineCare’s Care Management and Coordination
LR: 2590 An Act To Increase Program Integrity in the MaineCare Program and Increase State
Recoveries under the Federal False Claims Act
Sponsor: Representative Gattine, A
LR: 2612 An Act To Preserve Head Start and Child Care Services
LR: 2614 An Act To Utilize the Dorothea Dix Psychiatric Center To Manage Need for Inpatient
Sponsor: Representative Frey, A
LR: 2497 An Act To Improve Participation in the ASPIRE-TANF Program
LR: 2496 An Act To Provide Economic and Technological Development
LR: 2509 An Act To Expand the Maine New Markets Capital Investment Program
Sponsor: Representative Fredette, K126th Maine Legislature, Second Regular Session
LR: 2654 An Act Relating to the Rights of Parents Who Deliver a Child to a Safe Haven Provider
LR: 2664 An Act To Facilitate the Detection of Breast Cancer
LR: 2251 An Act Regarding Municipal Obligations with Respect to Veterans’ Graves in Public Burial
Sponsor: Representative Hayes, T
LR: 2405 An Act To Amend the Reporting Requirements for the Business Equipment Tax Exemption
LR: 2303 An Act To Strengthen the Maine Public Employees Retirement System
LR: 2647 An Act To Prohibit Bad Faith Assertions of Patent Infringement
Sponsor: Senator Haskell, A
LR: 2361 An Act To Repeal the Prohibition on the Use of a Bow and Arrow near a Dwelling or Building
Sponsor: Representative Harvell, L
LR: 2579 An Act To Help Joint Owners of Property Remain in Their Homes by Providing a Property Tax
LR: 2597 An Act To Require Notification of the Potential Hazards of Coal Tar Sealant Products
Sponsor: Representative Harlow, D
LR: 2649 An Act To Provide State Park Access to Maine Veterans
LR: 2662 An Act To Protect Homeowners Facing Foreclosure
Sponsor: Representative Hamann, S
LR: 2413 An Act To Clarify the School Budget Development Process in Certain Charter Municipalities
LR: 2452 An Act To Extend Support to Youth Aging Out of Foster Care Who Are Completing Their
LR: 2334 An Act To Require a Timely Response by a Gas Company to a Municipal Request for Service
LR: 2340 An Act To Strengthen Public Schools in Maine
LR: 2600 An Act To Amend the Requirements Regarding Self-identification by Health Care Practitioners
LR: 2576 An Act To Restore Early Voting and Strengthen Maine Voting Rights
LR: 2486 An Act To Improve Educational Outcomes for Students in Poverty in Maine’s Public Schools
Sponsor: Senator Gratwick, G
LR: 2488 An Act To Protect the Health of Maine’s Citizens from Toxic Chemicals in Products
LR: 2487 An Act To Ensure Transparency and Accountability in Decisions by the Department of
Environmental Protection
Sponsor: Representative Grant, G
LR: 2420 An Act To Exempt Epinephrine Autoinjectors from the Prior Authorization Requirement
Sponsor: Representative Graham, A126th Maine Legislature, Second Regular Session
LR: 2446 An Act To Enhance Drug Enforcement in Residential Neighborhoods
Sponsor: Representative Johnson, P
LR: 2297 An Act To Change the Statutory References to the State Holiday “Patriot’s Day” to Patriots’
LR: 2236 An Act To Foster a Responsible School Budget Process
LR: 2580 An Act To Fund the Maintenance of Veterans’ Grave Sites
LR: 2625 An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Fund the Agricultural Development Fund
Sponsor: Senator Johnson, C
LR: 2349 Resolve, To Establish a Task Force To Examine the Establishment of Safeguards on the Use
of Fireworks
LR: 2348 An Act To Preserve Certain Private and Special Rights in the Merger of Bangor Hydro Electric
Company and Maine Public Service Company
LR: 2347 An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Provide Funds To Develop Lobster
Processing Capacity in the State
LR: 2499 An Act To Retain Call Centers in Maine
LR: 2498 An Act To Make Maine Mills More Competitive
LR: 2403 An Act To Create a Program To Provide Training for Workers
LR: 2330 An Act To Enhance the Stability and Predictability of Health Care Costs for Returning Veterans
and Others by Addressing the Issues Associated with Hospital Charity Care and Bad Debt
Sponsor: Senator Jackson, T
LR: 2478 An Act To Correct an Inconsistency in the Process Controlling the Transfer of a Student from a
School Administrative Unit
LR: 2479 An Act To Amend the Law Regarding Fishing for Lobster across Different Zones
Sponsor: Representative Hubbell, B
LR: 2445 An Act To Phase Out the State Universal Service Fund
LR: 2444 An Act To Ensure That Large Utility Reorganizations Advance the Economic Development and
Information Access Goals of the State
LR: 2424 An Act To Authorize a Temporary Commissioner at the Public Utilities Commission
LR: 2523 An Act To Encourage a Provider of Last Resort To Expand Broadband
LR: 2606 An Act To Encourage Distributed Generation in the State
LR: 2555 An Act To Eliminate Student Reimbursement Inequity for Special Purpose Schools
Sponsor: Representative Hobbins, B
LR: 2423 An Act To Amend the Provider Profiling Program Law
Sponsor: Senator Hill, D
LR: 2651 An Act To End Hunger, Protect Small Farms and Homesteads and Promote Self-sufficiency for
the People of the State
Sponsor: Representative Hickman, C126th Maine Legislature, Second Regular Session
LR: 2275 An Act To Remove the Cap on Itemized Deductions under the Income Tax
Sponsor: Representative Kinney, J
LR: 2425 An Act To Require Comparable Positions in State Government To Be Paid Comparably
LR: 2428 RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Require a 2/3 Vote of
the Legislature to Increase or Decrease a Tax
LR: 2426 An Act To Allow Site Permits To Be Amended To Require Them To Address Health Effects
LR: 2636 An Act To Allow the Maine State Museum To Retain Revenues from Fees Imposed for
LR: 2429 An Act To Prohibit the FInance Authority of Maine from Issuing College Loans to Students Who
Do Not Meet Admission Requirements
LR: 2638 An Act To Improve the Water Quality of Inland Waters by Increasing the Ability of the
Department of Environmental Protection To Protect Those Waters
LR: 2637 An Act To Increase the Size of Biodegradable Escape Panels on Lobster Traps
Sponsor: Representative Keschl, D
LR: 2694 An Act to Prohibit Providers of Cloud Computing Service to Primary and Secondary
Educational Institutions from Processing Student Data for Commercial Purposes
LR: 2693 An Act To Review the Laws Relating to the Award of Spousal Support in Divorce Actions
LR: 2252 Resolve, Directing the Department of Education To Study the Establishment of a Pilot Program
Based on Oregon’s “Pay Forward, Pay Back” Model of Funding Public Postsecondary
LR: 2681 An Act To Incorporate the Bayville Village Corporation
Sponsor: Senator Katz, R
LR: 2663 An Act To Prohibit the Distribution of Live Animals as Prizes
Sponsor: Representative Kaenrath, B
LR: 2667 An Act To Improve Access to Home-based Care
LR: 2515 An Act To Provide Supplemental Appropriations to the Maine Public Broadcasting Network
Sponsor: Representative Jorgensen, E
LR: 2355 An Act To Ban the Use of Neonicotinoid Pesticides for 2 Years
LR: 2354 An Act To Subject New Tax Expenditures to a Sunset Review
LR: 2356 An Act To Create an Annual Flintlock Hunting Season
Sponsor: Representative Jones, B
LR: 2447 An Act To Reduce Nuisance Marijuana Growing
LR: 2621 An Act To Encourage Access to Maine’s Rivers and Lakes for Fishing
LR: 2448 Resolve, Authorizing the Director of the Division of Parks and Public Lands in the Department
of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry To Convey the Chesuncook Community Church
Building in Chesuncook to the Greenville Union Church
Sponsor: Representative Johnson, P126th Maine Legislature, Second Regular Session
LR: 2268 An Act To Require Signs and Lighting on Boat Ramps
LR: 2489 An Act To Protect “Fair Share” Workers from Unauthorized Withholding of Agency Fees
Sponsor: Representative Lockman, L
LR: 2466 An Act To Decrease the Rate of Truancy in Elementary and Secondary Schools
LR: 2465 An Act Regarding School Emergency Drills
LR: 2467 An Act To Conform Residential Lease Laws to Commercial Lease Laws
LR: 2611 An Act To Require Immunization of Asylees
Sponsor: Representative Libby, N
LR: 2320 An Act To Ensure Equity in Teacher Retirement Costs for Private Academies
LR: 2436 An Act To Enhance Comprehensive Early College Programs
LR: 2449 An Act To Require the Department of Labor To Provide Specific Information to Employers
Regarding Their Unemployment Insurance Activity
Sponsor: Senator Langley, B
LR: 2491 An Act Relating to Nursing Home and Hospice Patients and Medical Marijuana Use
LR: 2453 An Act To Replace Current MaineCare-funded Nonemergency Transportation Services with a
More Reliable and Efficient System of Transportation Services To Better Meet the Needs of the
Elderly and Other MaineCare-eligible Clients
LR: 2269 An Act To Prohibit a Requirement for Annual Authorizations for Insurance Coverage for
Phenylketonuria and Allied Disorders
LR: 2270 Resolve, To Direct the State To Hold an Appeals Hearing for Donald Martin for Wrongful
Termination of Employment
LR: 2634 An Act To Fund Disability Services and Eliminate the Waiting List for Elderly, Disabled
LR: 2577 An Act To Continue Maine’s School-based Oral Health Program
LR: 2492 Resolve, To Reduce Hunger and Increase Access to Healthy Foods by Participants in the Food
Supplement Program
Sponsor: Senator Lachowicz, C
LR: 2304 An Act To Protect Private Property from Damage Caused by Fireworks
LR: 2378 An Act To Reduce the Number of Members on the Stonington Sanitary District Board
LR: 2305 An Act To Protect Maine’s Lobster Fishery
Sponsor: Representative Kumiega, III, W
LR: 2430 An Act To Amend the School Funding Formula
Sponsor: Representative Kruger, C
LR: 2283 An Act To Limit Local Contribution to School Construction
Sponsor: Representative Kinney, J126th Maine Legislature, Second Regular Session
LR: 2293 An Act To Strengthen the Process of Notifying MaineCare Applicants of the MaineCare Estate
Recovery Program
Sponsor: Senator Mazurek, E
LR: 2255 An Act To Establish a Maine Bicentennial License Plate
Sponsor: Senator Mason, G
LR: 2529 An Act To Amend the Period of Time for the Calculation of a Prior Conviction for Operating
under the Influence
LR: 2243 An Act To Amend the Laws Regarding Beer Festivals
Sponsor: Representative Marks, T
LR: 2568 An Act To Protect the Integrity of Funding for Harness Racing Purses
Sponsor: Representative Marean, D
LR: 2336 An Act Regarding Eligibility of Children under Guardianship for the School Lunch Program
LR: 2337 An Act Regarding “Paper Roads” Established before 1998
LR: 2581 An Act To Amend the Laws Regarding Involuntary Commitment
LR: 2335 An Act To Encourage Communication Regarding Treatment of Persons with Mental Illness
Sponsor: Representative Malaby, R
LR: 2263 An Act To Improve the Maine Sex Offender Registry
LR: 2339 An Act To Provide a Refundable Income Tax Credit for Adoption
LR: 2393 An Act To Improve the Process for Determining whether a Mobile Home Is Abandoned
Sponsor: Representative Maker, J
LR: 2603 An Act To Prohibit the Use of a Grading System That Results in a Single Grade for Any Public
School or Public Charter School in the State
LR: 2602 An Act To Improve the Process for Student Access to Commercial Lobster Licenses
LR: 2604 An Act To Improve the Process for Grading Public Schools and Public Charter Schools in the
LR: 2605 An Act To Amend the Laws Governing the Approval Process for and the Operation of Virtual
Public Charter Schools in the State
Sponsor: Representative MacDonald, W
LR: 2415 An Act To Amend the Laws Regarding the Administration of the Liquor Laws
LR: 2414 An Act To Correct Errors in the Laws Governing Liquor Enforcement
LR: 2528 Resolve, Directing the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife To Amend Its Rules
Pertaining to Paddle Boarding
Sponsor: Representative Luchini, L
LR: 2570 An Act To Eliminate the State Board of Corrections
Sponsor: Representative Long, R126th Maine Legislature, Second Regular Session
LR: 2644 An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue for a Convention Center in Portland
LR: 2642 An Act To Improve Regulations Concerning Craft and Microbreweries for Offsite Events
Sponsor: Representative Monaghan-Derrig, K
LR: 2608 An Act To Streamline Enforcement of Child Support Orders Issued by the Penobscot Nation
Tribal Court and Penobscot Nation Division of Child Support Enforcement
Sponsor: Representative Mitchell, W
LR: 2619 An Act To Protect Homeowners and Reduce Energy Costs
LR: 2365 An Act To Amend the Maine Human Rights Act To Include Marital Status
LR: 2641 An Act To Promote Maine Startups and Improve Maine’s Economy
Sponsor: Senator Millett, R
LR: 2394 An Act To Increase Treatment for and Education Regarding Alcohol Abuse
LR: 2395 An Act To Strengthen Access Requirements and Review Standards for Health Insurance Plans
Sponsor: Representative McGowan, P
LR: 2342 An Act To Enhance Insurance Coverage for Telemedicine Services
Sponsor: Representative McElwee, C
LR: 2463 An Act To Establish Reasonable Restrictions on the Sales and Use of Fireworks
LR: 2462 An Act To Allow a Person with Special Needs To Obtain a Provisional Driver’s License
LR: 2468 An Act To Leverage Expert, State-based Resources for Emergent Intervention and Long-term
Comprehensive Resource Protection of Lakes
Sponsor: Representative McClellan, M
LR: 2409 An Act To Protect under State Law the Employment and Reemployment Rights of Military
Service Members Returning to the Civilian Workforce in the State
LR: 2410 An Act To Ensure the State’s Authority in Issues Concerning Federal Relicensing of Dams
Located in the State
LR: 2254 An Act To Clarify the Maine Clean Election Act Regarding Agency Relationships
LR: 2408 An Act To Establish an Education and Skills Training Tax Credit for Veterans
LR: 2524 An Act To Clarify County Jail Debt Financing
LR: 2521 An Act To Streamline Gaming Laws Statewide
LR: 2438 An Act To Protect Maine Lakes
Sponsor: Representative McCabe, J
LR: 2364 An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Repair and Renovate the Rockland Fish
LR: 2610 An Act To Protect Maine Consumers from Abusive and Deceptive Debt Collection
Sponsor: Senator Mazurek, E126th Maine Legislature, Second Regular Session
LR: 2431 An Act To Allow Certain Employees of School Administrative Units To Become Part-time Law
Enforcement Officers
Sponsor: Senator Plummer, G
LR: 2295 An Act To License and Regulate Persons Providing Physical Therapy for Animals
Sponsor: Representative Plante, J
LR: 2222 Resolve, To Create the Blue Ribbon Commission on Law and the Public Good
LR: 2223 An Act To Encourage Small Business and Guarantee Property Rights by Prohibiting
Restrictions on a Homeowner’s Ability To Operate a Business in a Residential Area
LR: 2220 Resolve, To Establish the Blue Ribbon Commission on Independent Living and Disability
LR: 2221 An Act To Establish Guidelines for the Stocking and Administration of Epinephrine in Schools
LR: 2226 Resolve, Establishing the Commission To Study Ways To Improve Voting Opportunities for All
Maine Citizens
LR: 2227 Resolve, Directing the Department of Education To Formulate and Implement a Citizenship
Education Component for the Public School Curriculum
LR: 2224 An Act To Establish a Program Providing for Adaptive Equipment Accounts for Persons
Receiving Long-term Care Services
LR: 2225 An Act To Expand Technology Access for Maine’s Citizens through the Department of
Education’s Laptop Program
Sponsor: Representative Peterson, M
LR: 2525 An Act To Amend a Provision in the Law Concerning Instruction Permits
Sponsor: Representative Peoples, A
LR: 2289 An Act To Amend the Workers’ Compensation Laws as They Pertain to Employee
LR: 2635 Resolve, To Require the Director of the Bureau of Maine Veterans’ Services To Report on the
Administration of the Coordinated Veterans Assistance Fund
Sponsor: Senator Patrick, J
LR: 2278 An Act To Restore Property Tax Fairness to Seniors
LR: 2345 An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Firefighter Absence for Emergency Response
Sponsor: Representative Parry, W
LR: 2532 Resolve, To Create the Civics Education Council
LR: 2533 An Act To Allow the Carry-over of Excess Donations
Sponsor: Representative Nelson, M
LR: 2362 An Act To Reduce Restrictions on Candidacy for Elective Office for Officers or Employees in
Classified and Unclassified State Service
LR: 2271 An Act To Restore the Authority of a Municipality To Provide Municipal Property Tax Assistance
Sponsor: Representative Moriarty, S126th Maine Legislature, Second Regular Session
LR: 2572 An Act To Increase the Rate of Reimbursement for Providing Career Advising and Counseling
Services to Adult Education Students
LR: 2530 An Act To Restore Revenue Sharing Funds
LR: 2658 An Act To Require Financial Audits of Special Purpose Private Schools
Sponsor: Representative Rotundo, M
LR: 2653 An Act To Improve Education about and Awareness of Maine’s Health Laws and Resources
LR: 2387 An Act To Improve the Quality of Transportation in Southern Maine by Establishing a Biddeford
and Saco Transportation District
Sponsor: Representative Rochelo, M
LR: 2402 An Act To Require Health Insurers To Provide Coverage for Human Leukocyte Antigen Testing
To Establish Bone Marrow Donor Transplant Suitability
Sponsor: Representative Rankin, H
LR: 2291 An Act To Eliminate Unfairness in the Payment of Retirement Benefits To Divorced Spouses
LR: 2495 An Act To Fund the Maine HIV Education and Prevention Program within the Department of
LR: 2554 Resolve, Directing the Commissioner of Health and Human Services To Advance the Safe
Handling of Hazardous Drugs To Protect Health Care Personnel
LR: 2292 An Act To Promote Recycling in Maine’s Communities
Sponsor: Representative Pringle, J
LR: 2412 An Act To Amend the Laws Regarding the Use of Power of Sale in Foreclosure Actions
Sponsor: Representative Priest, C
LR: 2628 An Act To Stop Predatory Lending Practices by Payday Lenders
Sponsor: Representative Powers, C
LR: 2308 An Act To Change the Amount of Time a Landlord Has To Address Issues Causing
LR: 2323 An Act To Reduce Redundant Information Requests by State Agencies
LR: 2306 An Act To Allow the Sale of Fireworks by Religious Organizations
LR: 2307 An Act To Provide Reimbursement of Health Care Insurance Costs for New Businesses
LR: 2472 An Act To Require a High-validity Interest Test for a Person Applying for Admission to Certain
Postsecondary Institutions
LR: 2250 An Act To Establish a License Plate for Franco-Americans
LR: 2470 An Act To Allow Tenants To Remain in a Building for a Limited Time after That Building Has
Been Declared Uninhabitable
LR: 2471 An Act To Create a Mandatory Registry of Persons Convicted of Animal Abuse
Sponsor: Representative Pouliot, M126th Maine Legislature, Second Regular Session
LR: 2248 An Act To Enhance Freedom of Access
LR: 2240 An Act To Expand Marketing at the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife
LR: 2280 An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Crossbow Hunting
LR: 2443 An Act To Amend the Laws Governing the Discharge of a Bow and Arrow near a Dwelling or
Sponsor: Representative Shaw, M
LR: 2384 An Act To Clarify What Constitutes a Contribution to a Candidate
LR: 2382 An Act To Fund Merit and Longevity Pay for Executive, Judicial and Legislative Branch
Employees Pursuant to a Collective Bargaining Agreement
LR: 2311 An Act To Require the Transfer of a Tree Growth Management Plan at the Time the Property is
LR: 2480 An Act To Require an Earlier Implementation Date for Maine’s Stewardship Program for
Architectural Paint if Certain Conditions Are Met
LR: 2665 An Act Concerning the Establishment of Water Levels
LR: 2516 An Act To Reflect the Replacement of the Circuitbreaker Program in Poverty Abatement Law
LR: 2481 An Act To Further Ensure the Provision of Safe Medical Marijuana to Maine Patients
LR: 2309 An Act To Allow the Creation of a Mechanics Lien by Electricians
LR: 2310 An Act To Allow Vehicles Used by Volunteer Firefighters To Be Authorized Emergency
Sponsor: Senator Saviello, T
LR: 2392 Resolve, To Place Signs on U.S. Route 1 Regarding the Location of the Planets of the World’s
Largest Mock Solar System
LR: 2477 An Act To Restore Confidence in Maine Campaign Finance Laws
Sponsor: Representative Saucier, R
LR: 2510 An Act To Further Protect Patient Access to Safe Medical Marijuana by Allowing Dispensaries
To Purchase Excess Marijuana from Other Dispensaries
Sponsor: Representative Sanderson, D
LR: 2500 An Act To Eliminate Financial Inequality in the Provision of Community-based Behavioral
Health Services
Sponsor: Representative Sanborn, L
LR: 2522 An Act To Expand the Breadth of Protected Speech in the State
LR: 2329 An Act To Align Maine’s Marijuana Laws with the Guidelines Governing Taxation and
Regulation Issued by the Federal Government
LR: 2328 An Act To Amend the Law Governing Conflict of Interest and Recusal with Respect to the
Public Utilities Commission
LR: 2553 An Act To Decriminalize, Tax and Regulate Cannabis for Responsible Adult Use
Sponsor: Representative Russell, D126th Maine Legislature, Second Regular Session
LR: 2301 An Act To Replace the Municipal Revenue Sharing Programs with an Increased and Fully
Funded Homestead Exemption
LR: 2350 An Act To Amend the Law Governing the Taxation of Periodicals
Sponsor: Senator Thomas, D
LR: 2247 An Act To Restore the Circuitbreaker Program
Sponsor: Senator Thibodeau, M
LR: 2298 An Act To Allow Richard and Ann Cayer To Secede from the Town of Madawaska
Sponsor: Representative Theriault, C
LR: 2601 An Act To Reclassify the Lower Presumpscot River from Class C to Class B
Sponsor: Representative Stuckey, P
LR: 2441 An Act To Protect Conservation Easements on the East and West Branches of the Penobscot
River from Expansion to the Federal Government
LR: 2442 An Act To Restore Full Funding to the Business Equipment Tax Reimbursement Program
LR: 2396 An Act To Create a Cold Case Homicide Department in the Department of the Attorney General
LR: 2294 An Act Relating to Investigation of Criminal Cases That Are Not Solved after 5 Years
Sponsor: Representative Stanley, S
LR: 2646 An Act To Allow Secondary School Students To Carry Over-the-counter Medication
Sponsor: Representative Sirocki, H
LR: 2232 An Act To Allow Public School Districts To Include in the Student Count Students Who Were
Home-schooled and Are Attending a Charter School
LR: 2233 An Act To Delete All References in the Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Laws to Certain Birds as
Wild Game Birds
LR: 2230 An Act To Exempt a Veteran from the Requirement of Taking a Hunter Safety Course To
Obtain a Hunting License
LR: 2231 An Act To Return 50% of a Fine to the Municipality Where the Infraction Occurred
LR: 2433 An Act To Ensure the Safety During the School Day of Students Who Have Food Allergies
LR: 2432 An Act To Require Reimbursement under MaineCare for Hearing Aids
LR: 2290 An Act To Apply Retroactively the Sales Tax on Camper Trailers and Motor Homes Purchased
for Rental in the Same Manner as on Automobiles Purchased for Rental
Sponsor: Representative Short, S
LR: 2620 An Act To Amend the Laws Governing the Taxes Required Following the Sale of Real Property
LR: 2475 Resolve, To Study the Effectiveness of Maine Revenue Services Regional Offices
LR: 2474 An Act To Provide an Exemption for Religious Purposes to the Requirement That Hunters
Wear Hunter Orange Clothing
LR: 2622 An Act To Increase the Safety of Bicyclists
Sponsor: Senator Sherman, R126th Maine Legislature, Second Regular Session
LR: 2518 An Act To Allow Landowners To Manage, Prepare and Sign Forestry Plans for Their Own
LR: 2234 Resolve, Directing the Department of Defense, Veterans and Emergency Management To
Develop a Portable Voucher System To Subsidize Rental Housing for Veterans in the State
LR: 2519 An Act To Allow Swim Areas To Be Designated by Associations Owning Frontage on Inland
Sponsor: Representative Villa, L
LR: 2435 Resolve, Directing the Department of Transportation To Remove from Consideration One of the
Proposed Routes for the Interstate 395 and Route 9 Connector
Sponsor: Representative Verow, A
LR: 2450 An Act To Require Swimmers in Open Water To Be More Visible
LR: 2451 An Act To Require Owners of Condominiums To Comply with the Laws Regarding Treatment of Bedbug Infestations
LR: 2661 An Act To Establish the Greenlight Maine Program
LR: 2686 An Act To Relieve the Impact of Erosion Caused by Facilities Installed by the United States
Sponsor: Senator Valentino, L
LR: 2352 An Act To Require Doctors’ Offices To Be Accessible by Persons with Disabilities
LR: 2300 An Act To Assist Small Businesses in Rural Areas
LR: 2411 Resolve, Directing the Maine Army National Guard To Petition the Federal Government To
Recognize Soldiers Who Trained in Gagetown, New Brunswick as Being Disabled Due to that
LR: 2351 An Act To Improve Compensation for Jurors
LR: 2460 An Act To Ensure the Preservation of Commercial Tracks That Do Not Have Gaming Licensure
Sponsor: Senator Tuttle, J
LR: 2655 An Act To Repeal the Law Requiring Certain Businesses To Collect Sales Tax
Sponsor: Representative Turner, B
LR: 2505 An Act To Reform Certain Remedies and Procedures in Civil Actions
Sponsor: Representative Timberlake, J
LR: 2400 An Act Concerning Patients’ Choice for Emergency Care
LR: 2383 An Act To Increase Transparency of Administrative Costs within the University of Maine
LR: 2368 An Act To Require Disclosure of Spending or Contributions Exceeding $250 To Influence
LR: 2565 An Act To Require Counties To Use Revenue from Boarding Federal Prisoners To Retire
County Jail Debt in Existence before July 1, 2008
LR: 2401 An Act To Provide an Exemption from Estate Recovery for the Estate of a Person Who
Purchased at Least 3 Years of Long-term Care Insurance Coverage
Sponsor: Senator Thomas, D126th Maine Legislature, Second Regular Session
LR: 2241 An Act To Ensure Confidentiality of Personally Identifying Information on Certain Firearms
LR: 2245 An Act To Amend the Definition of “Employer” in the Laws Relating to Unemployment
Sponsor: Representative Wilson, C
LR: 2322 An Act To Increase the Amount of Funds Available to Counties for Witness Fees and
Prosecution Costs
LR: 2256 An Act To Clarify What Constitutes an Agent of a Political Candidate
LR: 2381 An Act To Provide Sales Tax Exempt Status to Wildlife Restoration and Rehabilitation Facilities
Sponsor: Representative Willette, A
LR: 2508 An Act To Clarify Licensing Requirements for Limited Insurance Producers Sales
Sponsor: Senator Whittemore, R
LR: 2526 An Act To Ensure Coordination between the Department of Transportation and Local
Sponsor: Representative Werts, R
LR: 2422 An Act To Amend the Licensing Requirements for Acupuncturists
LR: 2281 An Act To Amend the Law Governing the Collection of Minor Amounts of Property Taxes
Sponsor: Representative Welsh, J
LR: 2455 An Act To Repeal the Tax Imposed on Private Nonmedical Institution Services
LR: 2456 An Act To Require an Emergency Contact Phone Number To Be Included on Vehicle
Sponsor: Representative Weaver, W
LR: 2652 An Act To Improve the Safety of Construction Projects Occurring near a Public Road
Sponsor: Representative Wallace, R
LR: 2514 An Act To Assist Victims of Human Trafficking
Sponsor: Representative Volk, A
LR: 2574 An Act To Improve the Use of Dental Services by MaineCare-eligible Children
LR: 2369 An Act To Clarify Apportionment Laws for County Commissioner Districts in Sagadahoc County
LR: 2618 An Act To Support Solar Energy Development in Maine
LR: 2639 An Act To Maintain and Expand Employment Opportunities in the State
Sponsor: Senator Vitelli, E
LR: 2520 An Act To Provide a One Hundred Percent Exemption from Property Tax to Disabled Veterans
Sponsor: Representative Villa, L126th Maine Legislature, Second Regular Session
LR: 2397 An Act To Criminalize Sexual Contact between Clergy and Their Congregants
LR: 2398 An Act To Require the Primary Siting Authority for an Expedited Wind Energy Development Project To Make Findings Regarding the Energy- and Emissions-related Benefits of the Project

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Government Should Not Compete with Private Industry

Government should not engage in providing products or services that private industry can do and make a profit at.”   Charlie Colgan.  State Economist.  USM Professor.  Approximately 1990. 

He said this during one of my Master’s level classes in Government Business Relations, and I have repeated it over and over and over ever since.Some of you have heard this story:

I’ve been a landlord since 1983.  In 1995 I started work as a housing developer/grant-writer for a non-profit mental health agency in Augusta.  The agency owned a lot of group homes, and I helped create more, which of course didn’t sit too well with City Hall, as it further eroded the tax base in a city that’s already inundated with non-profits and governmental entities.

I argued with my boss, the Executive Director of the agency that the least we could do was offer the City of Augusta a PILOT – a payment in lieu of taxes – but he refused.  He said we were already doing the City a favor via our services.  I couldn’t believe the arrogance…. he didn’t say “We don’t have the funding”.  He said “We’re doing them a favor by existing”.

One of our properties was a 3 unit apartment building – two 1BRs and one 3BR.  The agency wanted to turn the 3BR into three separate 1BRs.  A sensible decision with our clientele.

However, instead of just doing it the way any other landlord would (and which might have cost $15,000 back then) I was sent to Manchester NH to learn how to apply for a specific HUD program to get free money for the renovations.The HUD program was great… it would indeed be free money.  Of course, we’d have to follow all sorts of rules, including the hiring of an architect that I priced out at something like $70,000.  For a job that you and I would have spent $15,000, the total cost of this project would have been well over $100,000.

It was at that point that I realized the taxpayers were being ripped off, and that I hated my job.  (The project wasn’t completed with the HUD money because we ran into the issue of not enough parking space for a 5 unit building. I was THRILLED.)

I’ve told this story over and over, to various Lewiston and Auburn committees I’ve sat on, to members of the Chamber of Commerce, and everywhere and every time I’ve had an opportunity.

I’ve asked the Cities to pleeeeease recognize that they are competing with private industry, and if they want to create subsidized housing, to find a way to provide loans to private landlords to renovate first floor apartments for those with disabilities.  This has been one of my mantras for nearly 20 years.

They have waiting lists while we have vacancies that can’t be filled…. It is frustrating, it is killing landlords and it is wrong.


Legal Landmines for Those in the Real Estate Business – Affiliate Businesses May Be Affected

Did you know… If you have a house to rent with a drainage ditch to the side, and a family with children wants to rent that house, you MUST put in fencing or otherwise mitigate the situation?  You may NOT suggest that this is probably not the best place for a family to live.  You MUST spend the money to fix the issue.   (Contractors may want to specialize in safety issues.)

My husband John attended an Androscoggin Chamber Brown Bag lunch on Thursday regarding issues facing landlords, which was facilitated by two local lawyers.  The above scenario was just one of the many items brought up, which included issues that have recently become case law or precedent setting, such as the ruling by the Maine Human Rights Commission that “If a tenant has a pit bull as a service dog, you MUST allow that tenant to have that dog, even if it means your property insurance is canceled… which it almost certainly will be because most insurance companies refuse to cover pit bulls”.   (Insurance companies may face a backlash because of this.)

Another landlord says her insurance company just notified her they were canceling her insurance – because she has too many Section 8 clients!  WOW!  It’s illegal for landlords not to accept Section 8, but an insurance company can cancel coverage for having “too many of those tenants”???

Scary stuff… If you’re in the landlording, real estate investment or property management business – or businesses that provide products or services to these – you have to stay on top of the issues!

We will do our best to offer trending information and answers, in our eletter, this blog and at our upcoming conferences.

If you have scenarios, questions, ideas and so forth that you’d like to present or write about (we welcome guest bloggers!), please contact me.


P.S.  And of course, here’s information about this fall’s conferences.

The Greater Bangor Real Estate, Housing & Land Use Conference and Trade Show will be at the Cross Insurance Conference Center Ballroom in Bangor on October 31 & November 1st. Exhibitor info here:

Attendee info here: Androscoggin Real Estate, Housing & Land Use Conference will be at the Ramada Inn & Conference Center in Lewiston on November 8th.

Attendee info here:
Exhibitor info here:

And info on advertising in the Show Program can be found here: .Other events in the planning stages:

Greater Portland Real Estate, Housing & Land Use Conference and Trade Show (2 days)
April/May 2014
Aroostook Real Estate, Housing & Land Use Conference (1 day)
May 2014
Eastern Maine Real Estate, Housing & Land Use Conference (1 day)
May 2014
MidCoast Real Estate, Housing & Land Use Conference (1 day)
June 2014

Lewiston: 2 BR Apt in Secure Building; On Bus-line but Also Easy Walk to Shopping Malls

$750 per month, 2 bedrooms, 1 full baths,
0 half baths, 0 square feet

John Snyder | On the Spot Rental Management | (207) 713-0674
719 Lisbon St Apt 4, Lewiston, ME
This is a nice 2 bedroom apt on the 2nd floor of a secure building at 719 Lisbon Street, Lewiston... plenty of parking.
2BR/1BA Apartment
Bedrooms 2
Bathrooms 1 full, 0 partial
Sq Footage Unspecified
Parking 1 dedicated
Pet Policy Cats
Deposit $750


Property Type: 6 unit, 3 story apartment building.
Number of Rooms: Four (4). Spacious kitchen with eat-in dining area, living room, 2 bedrooms and bath.
Amenities: Has a back porch with separate storage shed.
Number of Bedrooms/Bathrooms: 2 bedrooms, 1 bath.
Utilities: Heat is provided as part of your rent; you pay your own electricity and hot water.
Vehicle Storage: Private driveway and parking out back. Driveway and parking lot newly re-tarred.
Neighborhood: This apartment is located in a very convenient Lisbon St location: it's on the bus-line, or you can walk if you prefer, since it is within just a couple of blocks to banks, grocery stores, restaurants and other shopping.
The landlord is attentive and has worked diligently to keep this building in great shape. There are all new windows throughout and the exterior was recently painted, as was this apartment. The appliances even look like new. It's all in great shape.
see additional photos below

- Living room - Storage space - Refrigerator
- Stove/Oven - Porch - Controlled access
- Secured entry - Off-street parking - Hardwood floor


Monthly Rental: $750.00 excluding electricity and natural gas for your hot water (not a separate tank).
Length of Lease: Minimum of 1 year.
Security Deposit: $750 (the equivalent of one month's rent).
Other Upfront Costs: 1st month's rent.
When Available: Immediately.

This is a quiet, secure building with an on-site building manager. No smoking inside the building. A maximum of two cats are allowed for a monthly pet fee (non-refundable) of $10 per cat. Sorry, no dogs.



Kitchen 2

Kitchen Cupboards

Kitchen Windows

Kitchen Windows


Bedroom & Closet

Exterior of Building

Contact info:
John Snyder
On the Spot Rental Management
(207) 713-0674

Posted: Jun 3, 2013, 3:25pm PDT

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