Good Things Come from Being Chosen as the Designated Non-Profit at a Maine Real Estate, Housing & Land Use Conference

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As someone who’s always worked at least two jobs, or has worked for someone else while also running my own business, I figure that all told, my 40 year work career actually adds up to about 80 years of experience.  And since at least 30 percent of my career has been in the non-profit world (not to mention all of the years serving on non-profit boards), that means I have a good few decades or more in furthering the goals of not-for-profit organizations.

(Plus, for 10 years I ran a for-profit social services agency – we had essentially the same funding mechanisms as the non-profits, but with the disadvantages of being unable to get grants and donations, while also having to pay income, sales and property taxes.)

This means that supporting non-profits is second nature to me, even though my primary business is “for profit”.

And that means that we try to actively help non-profits with similar goals as our conferences.

A few months before each Real Estate, Housing & Land Use conference we publish Requests for Proposals from agencies providing food, clothing and shelter.  It’s a simple, one-page RFP; having worked as a grant proposal writer, I know how much work it can be, and sometimes for no results at all.

Agencies applying for Designated Non-Profit status are then rated on items that help our committee determine whether the organization meets our criteria.  The scoring grid looks like this – you’ll have to click on the diagram to view it more easily:

Non Profit Scoring Grid

The agency with the highest number of points earns our Designated Non Profit Status.

What that gives them is

  1. a free exhibit booth
  2. the option of having conference attendees donate above the cost of their registration fee to the agency
  3. the ability to ask for donations during the event, and
  4. a 3-minute self-introduction prior to the keynote presentation.

Also, we often need volunteers to help with our conferences, and will donate $10 per hour of approved volunteer time to the exhibiting non-profit of that volunteer’s choice… so there’s another possible donation.  And, we’ll help that non-profit develop a fund-raising project specific to their participation in our conference.

From our perspective, it’s all about being a good neighbor.  Don’t you agree?

Note: The Designated Non-Profit Status RFP for the May 01-02, 2014 conference in Portland at Seasons Conference Center will be published shortly.  We encourage any and all non-profits providing food, clothing and/or shelter to apply.

Previous & current winners include:

  • May 2012 Greater Androscoggin Pet Expo – The Pixel Fund
  • May 2013 Greater Androscoggin Landlords & Real Estate Investors Conference – Trinity Jubilee Center
  • September 2013 Greater Androscoggin Pet Expo – Tommy’s Feral Feline Friends (this expo was cancelled; Tommy’s has been designated for next  year, 2014)
  • October 2013 Greater Bangor Pet Expo – Bangor Bark for Life (this expo was cancelled; Bark for Life has been designated for next year, 2014)
  • October 2013 Greater Bangor Real Estate, Housing & Land Use Conference – OHI Maine
  • November 2013 Greater Androscoggin Real Estate, Housing & Land Use Conference – John F Murphy Homes, Inc.


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