I Heard Someone Died in This House…. A Question Real Estate Agents Are Sometimes Asked



The newsfeed Digg included the blog above about a website called DiedInHouse.com, which claims – for $11.99 – to tell you if someone has died in a particular house anywhere in the U.S.  The blogger, Chris Matyszczyk, starts to check into the site, then reads the disclaimers – which basically say that you can’t trust the information they’re about to provide you.   Great, huh?  We’ll tell you if someone died in this house, but we don’t have all the information so we may be wrong.  Mr Matyszczyk decides it’s worth the $11.99 to check it out.  (What the heck, it’s a business deduction, right?)

The result?   No one has died in his house.  But of course, they may not have all the information, so it may be that someone did and they just don’t know.

I figured it would be fun to spend 5 minutes checking the site out, although there’s no way I’ll spend $11.99 on this (then again, I’ve lived in some pretty creepy places…).

In any event, they claim to provide…

  • Immediate Results
  • Free follow up in 30-Days
  • Over 118 Million Records
  • Search All 50 States
  • Certified Report
  • List of Previous Residents


“Diedinhouse.com saves you time and money, by instantly providing you with the valuable information you need to be better informed.

Ask your seller or landlord for a Diedinhouse.com report or discreetly purchase a report yourself before you sign.”

Since the laws vary across the U.S. as to whether a REALTOR is required to disclose to potential buyers if a murder or suicide has occurred in a property, this site purports to help buyers out with the question.

In Maine, as REALTOR Kristen Wheatley points out, “A home seller in Maine does not have to disclose items such as a death in the home, a home believed to be haunted, the known felon living next door, or the state’s plans to put a highway through right next to the property.  Some states have disclosure laws for these “stigmatized property” items, but Maine does not.”   –  (See more at: http://activerain.com/blogsview/3466357/hauntings-deaths-meth-labs-real-estate-disclosures-in-maine#sthash.zmdTEIOj.dpuf)

So what do you think?  Would you want to know?


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