203Ks as a Team Sport – HUD/FHA 203K Loans (2 CEUs for Real Estate Agents)

Join us at the Greater Androscoggin Real Estate, Housing and Land Use Conference on November 8, and earn 8 CEUs approved by the Maine Real Estate Commission for real estate agents.

Two of those CEUs can be earned by taking this class designed by Dan Link of Accurate Home Inspections and 203K Consulting Services to make you more valuable to your real estate clients.

The narrative below was taken directly from Dan’s website.

203k Consulting

203k Consulting, HUD FHA Certified 203K Consulting, accredited classes for realtors, mortgage companies and real estate professionals in Portland ME, Southern Maine.

A 203k Loan is one of the most exciting and misunderstood loan products available.  The popularity of this product has exploded around the country but the 203k is not being utilized to its potential in Maine.

I am Dan Link, a certified 203k Consultant certified by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. (HUD)  I teach classes to realtors around Maine on the subject of 203k loans.  It is really a simple concept but most realtors are afraid or feel it is too difficult.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Many Realtors will not hesitate to help their clients to finance a home using a traditional FHA loan.  HUD calls that a 203b type loan.  A 203k loan (also an FHA type loan) is virtually no different than a 203b loan except that it has a construction component.  That means you have to get a quote from a contractor to do the work and submit it to the lender.  Otherwise they are the same.  The extra paperwork associated with the loan is mostly associated with the contractor and his bid.  If a buyer qualifies for a traditional FHA mortgage, then they will have no problems qualifying for a 203k loan.

The real secret to making 203k loans work is to make sure you have the right players on the team.  A good 203k team has a lender experienced in 203k loans, a realtor who understands the process, a contractor who is chosen by the borrower and approved by the lender and a good 203k consultant.  With a team like that, the entire process is smooth and fast.

If you have questions about 203k loans or 203k Consultants, feel free to contact me and I will answer any and all of your questions.


The Greater Androscoggin Real Estate, Housing & Land Use Conference offers 4 conference tracks: one each for REALTORs®, landlords, housing professionals, and land use engineers.  John F Murphy Homes, Inc is the designated non profit, and Jim Bennett, former Administrator for the City of Lewiston will be the lunchtime keynoter.  BathFitter is the Keynote Sponsor for this conference.

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